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Eduard Ryabov

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"1 IN SPACE FREE Cardboard VR" Galaxy VR Cardboard games
Google Cardboard powered stereoscopic rendering and head tracking for mobile VR.

3D VR Space FPS games Cardboard
1 IN SPACE FREE - Best Simulator 3D
3 d cinema
3D game for android.
Sci-fi war action shooter.
Science-fiction space simulator.
The graphics are impressive and gameplay shows great potential, although it's currently a work in progress.
You can choose to control your spaceship using either a virtual joystick or Google Cardboard.
Use your device's gyroscope to play in 360 degrees.
Your phone must have gyroscope (not to be confused with the accelerometer).
Your phone must have a gyro (no accelerometer).
You really have to turn around to se

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